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5 Reasons you should be feeding your dog a raw diet.

The world of pet nutrition is complicated and with all the different guidance and “rules” out there, there’s a lot of information – and misinformation – to weed through as a pet parent to determine what is best for your furry family members. When it comes to their diets, it should be simple, and we […]

Craft the diet that fits your pet’s unique needs.

From pre-made meal bases to fully customizable DIY bowls, we’ve got what you need and what your pet wants.


Your go-to resources for how to feed Truly Raw. In-depth instructions, educational tidbits, and helpful guidance on your journey to feeding your pet a raw diet.

Raw Tips

Sharing tips and tricks for all-things raw feeding. Learn what types of bone to feed (and what types to avoid), what your dog’s poo can tell you about their health, and read Q&As with nutrition experts — and that’s just the start.


Complete and well-balanced Truly Raw recipes formulated by our in-house certified canine nutritionist. Want to DIY but not sure where to start? These step-by-step recipes will show you the way.

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