The Carnos
Quality Promise

Sustainability, Safety, and Traceability

Incorporating sustainability into our daily practices at Carnos.

  • Minimal packaging reduces waste for the planet and reduces costs for us, resulting in savings that we pass through to our customers.

  • Designed with the planet in mind, our coolers are made from recycled water bottles and keep our products safe during transit.

  • We have a strict supplier approval program and only work with producers who utilize humane practices in their own operations.

Food Safety and Supplier Relationships

Food safety begins at the source.

With truly raw food, as with any food product, it all starts at the source. This is why our supplier relationships are a critical component to our food safety program. We prioritize the safety and quality of our products by only purchasing our meat, poultry, seafood, produce, packaging materials, and other ingredients from suppliers who meet our strict standards for food safety and quality.

How We Make Our Food

Careful monitoring at our facility.

Because we offer ready-to-eat raw meat products, there are several inherent risks associated with keeping these products safe while keeping them natural without the use of preservatives of any kind. To eliminate the possibility of unwanted pathogens without using harmful processes, we instead utilize an organic antimicrobial agent as our ‘kill step’ with frequent randomized testing to keep our products safe and in their most healthy and natural state for your pets.

An in-house team of safety experts.

In our FDA inspected facility, our Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) team ensures that each ingredient and finished product meets our high standards of safety end-to-end throughout production. One hundred percent of our warehouse and production staff is trained in our rigorous food safety programs, and re-certified on an annual basis. We take food safety seriously and have the processes and certifications to back it up!

The Carnos Quality Promise

Expect the best from us – for your pets.

  • Our facility is both HACCP and GMP NSF Certified, which verifies the accuracy and safety of our products.

  • All products are manufactured in our FDA inspected facility in Maryland.

  • Each product is lot-coded to enable us to trace ingredients back to their original source.

Traceability from farm to bowl.

End-to-end supply chain transparency.

We utilize a lot-coding system that enables us to have full, end-to-end traceability of all our final products as well as their composite ingredients. Whether we want to know where a final product ended up once sold, or where its ingredients originally came from, we are able to trace these items up and down the supply chain.

Recalls happen…

When working with food, especially ready-to-eat raw meat and animal parts, recalls are going to happen—they come with the territory. Many consumers look at recalls in the food industry as damaging events that prove that a brand is unsafe, but really it’s all about the way a company responds — the action they take and the level of transparency they provide when a recall does happen. A good recall plan is what separates trustworthy from untrustworthy brands.

…what is our process when they do?

When a recall happens, because of our detailed traceability program, our team can quickly locate and inform customers who have the recalled food, identify the ingredient back to the source, and quarantine any remaining adulterated product or ingredient at our facilities all within 2 hours. This helps manage the well-being of fur-families who rely on us for a safe product. We advise all raw feeders to practice their own food safety precautions when handling raw food.

Safe Food Handling