How to plan their Truly Raw Meals

Crafting a raw diet that is well-balanced to ensure your dog is getting all the nutrition they need can be tricky. Dogs are similar to us in that they need a variety of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc. in order to be their healthiest selves — they can’t get all of that from one food source alone, and certainly not from your regular off-the-shelf kibble or canned food. We’re breaking it down to make planning their truly raw diet truly easy.

For adult dogs.

Adult dogs can enjoy a raw diet that’s balanced over the course of a week. This gives you some flexibility in what you can feed them and when, as a variety of proteins and whole foods can be incorporated over time.

For puppies.

Feeding a puppy a raw diet is different from feeding an adult dog raw, just like a baby doesn’t eat the same diet as an adult human does. The main reason for this difference in our dogs is that puppies need to have their diet balanced daily, while adult dogs can have a diet that’s balanced over time. A helpful tip to note, however, is that every meal in a puppy’s day does not need to be individually balanced, as long as the combination of meals per day provides all essential nutrients in sufficient quantities. Learn more about how to feed your puppy a Truly Raw diet here.