Butcher's Choice DIY Grinds

For the raw feeding experts and the DIY enthusiasts. We offer single-protein grinds made with high-quality, butcher’s choice animal parts. These all-natural products can include muscle meat, organ, and edible bone, and are available in a wide variety of protein options so that you can craft the perfect custom truly raw meal for your pet.

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DIY, Grinds Ground Beef Tripe
From $3.90
4.91 (22)
DIY, Grinds Boneless Beef with Tripe Mix
5.00 (8)
DIY, Grinds Ground Salmon
5.00 (5)
DIY, Grinds, Organs Beef Organ Mix
4.88 (8)
DIY, Grinds Boneless Ground Turkey
5.00 (2)
DIY, Grinds Ground Turkey Necks
5.00 (2)
DIY, Grinds, Organs Ground Beef Heart
5.00 (3)

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DIY, Grinds, Organs Chicken Organ Mix
DIY, Grinds, Organs Turkey Organ Mix
5.00 (2)
DIY, Grinds Boneless Ground Chicken
5.00 (2)
DIY, Grinds, Organs Pork Organ Mix
5.00 (2)
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