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Truly Raw Food
for True Carnivores

Go Truly Raw with Carnos

Pre-Made Meal Options

Truly Raw meals made simple and delicious. Ideal for beginners or busy pet parents.

Build Your Own Box

Don’t see the products you want with the pre-made options? Handpick your favorites to build your own box!

For The Raw Feeding Expert

Find all you need to build your own Truly Raw meal customized to your pet.

Have A Question About Feeding Raw?

There’s a good chance we’ve gotten it before. We’ve compiled the answers to our most frequently asked questions to help you along your raw feeding journey. Check ‘em out!

Air Dried Treats

Nutritious snacks without the empty calories or fillers.

Carnos offers a wide range of naturally air-dried treats


Because sometimes your pet needs a bit more. From particular developmental stages to specific health concerns, we have natural supplements suited for your needs. Learn how you can seamlessly incorporate supplements into your dog’s diet, to their benefit.

Carnos offers a wide range of supplements to feed your pet a truly raw diet

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone.

The transition from kibble to raw can be intimidating — we’re here to help.