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Truly Raw Meals for your carnivores.

Complete & Balanced • Prey Model Raw • Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Complete and Balanced Meals

Developed by a canine nutritionist, AAFCO and NRC balanced, and perfect for those new to feeding raw. Ready-to-serve straight from your fridge.

Truly Raw Base Mixes

100% all natural single-protein blends made of muscle meat, edible bone, and organs crafted to mimic a PMR diet. The perfect foundation to build a balanced raw meal.

Variety Blend Recipes

100% all natural blends of USDA-approved-for-human-consumption muscle meat, edible bone, and organs, plus whole fruits and veggies, crafted to mimic a BARF diet.

Feed them what they were born to eat.

Our Complete & Balanced meals are expertly formulated by a certified canine nutritionist to provide your dog with everything they need, and nothing they don’t.
Feed them raw and watch them thrive.

Real, raw food.

100% all natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or coloring, no preservatives, and no harmful processing.

Human-grade ingredients.

USDA approved-for-human-consumption meats. Whole fruits & veggies. Sourced responsibly and 100% traceable.

No fillers, no BS.

Ready-to-serve meals made with real, raw ingredients and no unnecessary fillers, extras, or fluff.rn

Canine nutritionist-developed

Rest assured that your dog is getting all the nutrients they need with our AAFCO and NRC balanced, expertly formulated recipes.

Your one-stop shop for raw pet food.


From Prey Model Raw to Complete & Balanced, we’ve got everything you could want in our range of truly raw meals and meal bases. Start from scratch or go ready-to-serve – feed raw your way with Carnos.


New to feeding raw? Ease into it with our expertly built Beginner Bundles designed specifically to guide you step-by-step through the transition from feeding kibble to a truly raw diet.

DIY Parts

If you’re a do-it-yourself-er, you’ll love our DIY parts. With a wide product range to choose from, you can build your pet’s meals from nose to tail. Create a meal plan that’s completely customized to your pet.

Air-Dried Treats

Healthy snacks that exercise their minds and clean their teeth. Finally, guilt-free treats you can feel good about giving them. No additives, preservatives, or harmful processing practices.

Raw Feeding is a breeze.

Easy, affordable, and delivered
straight to your door.

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Complete & Balanced ready-to-serve meals.

Canine nutritionist developed, AAFCO and NRC balanced, truly raw.

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“By far the best quality dog food for my frenchie.”

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“I recently switch my dobie to raw because his gut just could not adapt to kibble.”

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“We started feeding Carnos premade raw to our first French Bulldog puppy 5 yrs ago.”

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“We have used this food for many years for our Papillon show dogs.”

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“We’ve been ordering for our golden for years.”

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