Raw Feeding Troubleshooting - Carnos

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1576590082407{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]There is nothing in a PURE raw diet that is harmful to pets. Dogs and cats are carnivores. Our pure raw pet food does NOT contain any additives, premixes or flavorings. Our species appropriate food contains only the animal protein, bone and fat. Some blends also have 10% fruits and veggies and some blends have additional green tripe and fish added.

Bad batches are extremely rare in the raw food industry.  Even recalls in the RAW pet food industry are not due to sick pets or sick people. Recalls in the RAW pet food industry is because there is a zero tolerance for bacteria for fear pet parents will get sick.  However there is not a zero tolerance bacteria policy for the raw meat or chicken you buy in the grocery store and cook at home.

To learn more about the truth about bacteria in raw pet food and your dogs health please read: https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2019/09/survey-finds-infection-through-raw-pet-food-is-rare/

Listen to our Raw Dog Food Truth Podcast with DeDe and Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM Raw Feeder and Cancer Prevention and Treatment Vet


If you have additional questions or concerns or would like to work with our pet health professionals they would welcome your call or email.

Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM – Holistic and Cancer Prevention Vet
Specializing in Raw Feeding, Minimal Vaccines and Antibiotics, Holistic Treatment of Digestive and Skin Issues in Pets.

Nealy Piazza Certified Raw Feeding Consultant & Canine and Pet Health Professional
Specializing in Raw Feeding, Improving Gut Health and Starting Puppies On the Raw Diet. The cost for a 1 hour consultation is $60.00.

Here are some common issues and solutions when starting a species appropriate diet for your pet:

Dog Refuses Food:
Warm on stove not microwave
Add Green Tripe up to 30%
Stop Mixing Kibble  – Sugar and Additives are Addictive
Feed in a Different Bowl, Different Time & Different Place in House

Try a different protein or blend.

Pet Vomits
Make sure you are not mixing processed foods

Take all supplements out of diet

How long has your pet been eating raw? Digestive enzymes may not be fully engaged yet if your pet is new to raw. Give it 5 days.

Try warming the food – cold food can cause regurgitation. If they do regurgitate let them eat the food.

Is your pet on medications or antibiotics? These cause stomach upset.
Has your pet recently had a vaccine? These cause adverse digestive reactions.

Are there stressful situations like moving, a divorce, marriage or baby coming soon?
Pets get stressed too.

Does your pet eat too fast? – Feed in a slow feeder bowl.

Could be too much fat in the blend. If you are feeding a blend that is over 13% fat you may want to switch to a blend that is 10% fat. Dogs need fat in the diet. Yes you can feed a higher fat blend but make sure you also feed a lower fat 10-12 percent 50% of the time as well.

Runny Stools
Are you feeding a blend with bone? Boneless blends cause loss stools if you are not giving additional raw meaty bones or duck feet, duck heads or consumable bones.

Have you added more organs to the blends? Cut back on the organs.

Are you giving dairy or supplements? Cut out both until stools are back to normal.

Are you feeding too much tripe or treats? Cut back until stools are back to normal.

Make sure you have a minimum of 10% ground bone in diet.

If stools do not improve in 5-7 days on a new blend of raw with the appropriate amount of fat and bone contact Nealy Piazza Pet Nutritionist Nealy.Piazza@gmail.com

Hard Stools

Add a little more organs or green tripe.
Give a little less consumable bones.

Pet Isn’t Eating All the Food

Most common cause is over feeding or feeding the same protein for too long. Check our feeding chart and make sure you are feeding the appropriate amount per day/per meal. Decrease food slightly.

Make sure your pup is not getting too many treats or dairy products.

Make sure you are introducing new proteins to keep your pet interested and excited![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]