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Made with USDA Inspected and Approved Human-Grade beef, our Beef Neck Bones are an excellent nutritious snack for your dog. Not only are beef neck bones rich in collagen—which supports healthy skin, joints, and fur—but they provide mental stimulation for your pet while they chew them. Meaty neck bones are softer than other beef bone options but still highly effective for teeth cleaning and support great dental hygiene. These should be fed as a snack only and should not be fed as a meal. They are also a great option for making homemade bone broth. 

Use caution when feeding neck bones, as an excessive amount of necks, trachea, or gullet can potentially cause dietary hyperthyroidism due to active thyroid tissue/enzymes that may be present in these items. Necks are perfectly safe to feed in moderation. At minimum it is generally recommended to rotate neck bones with other meaty bones every other day in a raw diet.   

Should be fed as recreational bone only. Monitor your dog’s consumption of bones and take caution with dogs who are power chewers.

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The Raw Ingredients.

All of our food is made with all-natural and mindfully sourced whole ingredients and has no artificial additives.

No fillers, no BS, just real, raw food.

  • Beef Neck Bones

Feeding Truly Raw.

This product is meant for supplemental feeding only. Do not overfeed or use as a meal replacement. See our feeding chart for more detailed guidance.

Transitioning to a raw diet can be done in one of two ways. The first option is a slow and gradual transition, while the second option is a “cold-turkey” switch.
Read more about how to transition from kibble to a raw diet.


Because Variety is Key.

We believe that the best truly raw diet is one that is balanced and includes variety. Want to mix up your meals? Here are some other favorite protein options to try.

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2 reviews for Beef Neck Bones

  1. sbh1995 (verified owner)

    Excellent packaging. No leaking or damage. Great customer service. Very fresh. Ordered 1″ cuts and they looked like mini t-bone steaks. My Jack Russells are missing teeth so they are hesitant to chew but will keep trying

  2. Brittany Jackson (verified owner)

    My dogs LOVEEE the beef neck bones. They’re nice and meaty, and keep them engaged for a while.

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How do I transition to Raw?

Making the switch from off-the-shelf kibble to feeding your dog a truly raw diet can be intimidating. We’re here to make it easy. Read our blog for step-by-step guidance on how to transition to a raw diet.

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