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Our Duck Truly Raw Base is all-natural and made with antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and GMO-free duck. The perfect base for a well-balanced meal, this expertly pre-blended mix is made of ground duck with duck bone, duck heart, duck liver, and duck gizzard and includes 75% muscle meat, 10% edible bone, and 15% organs. Our minimal ingredient recipe is perfect for elimination diets and should be supplemented to cover common nutritional gaps. Available in 1-pound, 2-pound, and 5-pound portions.

Pro Tip: Because this product is high in fat, we recommend pairing it with our lean rabbit grind, beef Variety Blend or poultry Variety Blend grinds.

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The Raw Ingredients.

All of our food is made with all-natural and mindfully sourced whole ingredients and high quality supplements.

No fillers, no BS, just real, raw food.

  • Duck

  • Duck Bone

  • Duck Heart

  • Duck Liver

  • Duck Gizzard

Feeding Truly Raw.

Should be fed as a base meal. Rotation of 3 or more proteins is encouraged. Supplementation is recommended to cover common nutritional gaps. Each serving amount will depend on your dog’s age, weight, and activity level. For adult dogs, we recommend feeding 2% to 3% of their body weight daily.

See our feeding chart for more detailed guidance.

Transitioning to a raw diet can be done in one of two ways. The first option is a slow and gradual transition, while the second option is a “cold-turkey” switch.

Read more about how to transition from kibble to a raw diet.


Nutritional Values

Take a look at exactly what is in our products with our Guaranteed Analysis. Transparency is important to us, and we know it’s important to you.

Learn more about what transparency and traceability mean to us.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) 15.94%
Crude Fat (min) 18.95%
Moisture (max) 56.70%
Crude Fiber (max) 0.30%
Calcium 1.93%
Phosphorus (min) 1.06%

Because Variety is Key.

We believe that the best truly raw diet is one that is balanced and includes variety. Want to mix up your meals? Here are some other favorite protein options to try.

  • beef


  • chicken


  • duck


  • lamb


  • pork


  • rabbit


  • seafood


  • turkey


7 reviews for Duck Mix

  1. Sylvie Kuchma (verified owner)

    Our girl loved all the PMR grinds we tried (except turkey) but, this one was for sure her favorite for she came back to lick her bowl more than once after finishing it up and that is not something she normally does. Easy to serve and everything is in this one so no need to add anything else but, her joint supplement.

  2. Jeffrey Uthe (verified owner)

    My dogs just had TPQF’s Duck PMR for the first time and they loved it. I have been using another online raw food company, but I have been looking for a company closer to where I live to to cost of shipping and transporting frozen raw in the summer a long distance. TPQF has definitely come through for me. Duck is my 3 dogs’ favorite. I am going to feed them the Duck HVM next. You folks do a great job.

  3. amekebaptiste (verified owner)

    Great product, my dogs love the duck! I’ve been buying from Top Quality for well over a year & have had no issues. I buy 75% of my raw meat for my dogs on this site, I do source my dogs beef elsewhere only because I prefer grass fed for them but that’s the only reason.

  4. Tiffany Jackson (verified owner)

    My dogs absolute favorite! She has developed a few protein sensitivities over the years (chicken and beef) so this is truly such a life saver!

  5. Tiffany Jackson (verified owner)

    Can never go wrong with this! One of my dogs favorite things to eat!

  6. Lauren (verified owner)

    I use this for my cat and dogs. So easy, the cat is definitely a fan!

  7. Kathy Roche (verified owner)

    I love these PMR grinds – they make my life so much easier, and so far, they agree with all my dogs. They inhale their food now, even the pickiest eater. We’re trying the HVM’s next just for variety. Thank you, Carnos!

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How do I transition to Raw?

Making the switch from off-the-shelf kibble to feeding your dog a truly raw diet can be intimidating. We’re here to make it easy. Read our blog for step-by-step guidance on how to transition to a raw diet.

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