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Everything you need
to make your own bowl.

With our butcher's choice DIY product line, you can choose from individual animal parts or single-protein grinds. Giving you the confidence and flexibility to do it yourself.

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DIY - Parts

High-quality, butcher’s choice cuts with a wide variety of protein options so that you can craft the perfect custom meal for your pet. Go truly raw, your way.

  • For the DIY enthusiasts
  • Build a fully customized bowl
  • Conveniently packaged


Butcher's choice single-protein grinds. These all-natural products provide the option of ground muscle meat or ground organs, and are available in a wide variety of protein options so that you can craft the perfect custom truly raw meal for your pet.

  • For the DIY enthusiasts
  • Use to enhance any meal
  • Time saver

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DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Duck Necks
4.67 (6)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Sardines
4.89 (9)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Beef Kidney
5.00 (2)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Beef Liver
5.00 (3)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Beef Neck Bones
5.00 (2)
DIY Grinds, DIY Parts Boneless Ground Chicken
5.00 (2)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Turkey Necks – 4″
5.00 (5)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Duck Feet
5.00 (8)
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Raw Resources

Want to learn more about feeding truly raw? From informational blog posts and how-to guides to DIY raw recipe ideas, we’ve got you covered. Always.

DIY Grinds, DIY Parts Pork Organ Mix
5.00 (2)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Whole Turkey Necks
5.00 (1)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Green Tripe
5.00 (4)
DIY Parts, DIY-Parts Chicken Leg 1/4
5.00 (3)

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